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Artist at work - Donna Lipinski

Donna Lipinski Artist

Welcome to my world

My Inspiration for my work comes from what is around me. With being born and having spent most of my life in the Bay of Plenty, I'm surrounded by magnificent views of the beach and the amazing sunrises that inspire my Beach Theme Work.

With all my travelling throughout New Zealand I am constantly being inspired by all this Country offers with its scenery and Culture.

The Power of the Ocean and if uncontrollable force gives me added inspiration to capture its energy on Canvases and create the image of my three dimensional work. Using Shells and driftwood etc make every piece an original. So its always nice to know that when you own a piece of my work that it will always gone to be a one off. Never two the same.

For many years of my working life I involved with design both working in Building Design and Interior Design and the Furnishing Industry with 16 years of that in my own consultancy business. The time came to have a lifestyle change and enjoy life and do something I am passionate about, so here I am expressing my creativity for all to enjoy.

"When you buy something from an artist you are buying more than just an object. You're buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation. You're buying years of frustration and moments of pure joy. You're not buying one thing, you are buying a piece of a heart, a piece of a soul... a small piece of someone else's life."

Commissions: Please specify orientation (Landscape or Portrait)

R1 - 4" x 12" Traditional Motif or Beach Theme $35
R2 - 8" x 8" All Colours $25
R3 - 8" x 16" All Colours $45
R4 - 6" x 24" All Colours $60
R5 - 12" x 24" All Colours $90
R6 - 10" x 30" All Colours* $120
R7 - 12" x 36" All Colours* $160
V1 - Small Oval $85
V2 - Medium Oval $120
V3 - Large Oval $190

* Additional cost depending on style for Traditional Paua Motif.

- Large Pieces or Sets of 2 / 3 - Price available on request.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Nowhere! - All my paintings are done by me, individually hand paint in Acrylic on stretched canvas.

Yes! - My paintings are lightly spray sealed with Polyurethane.

Yes! - All shells, Driftwood, Fishing Net etc. are all sterilized in a Chlorine based solution

No! - My painting are suitable to be hung indoors only.

No! - Avoid hanging in direct sunlight.

Gently clean using a damp lint free cloth. If dusting is required, use a fine brush such as a Makeup brush.

Yes, if in a low steam bathroom. If uncertain I reccomend applying more sealant spray to protect the painting.

No! I only use commercial, building industry grade glue on all pieces.

Yes! Obviously the appropriate handling care and suitable wrapping should be applied.

You can purchase direct from me or at SHOPNZ 24/7

Each painting is individually crafted, making each a special piece to treasure.
Ideal to spoil yourself or as gift for family or friend.


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